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Alan Meadows Production Services co




sed in the North East of England, AMPSco is a new company venture created by the demand of todays need to fulfill a service of such a high standard that is now required by the growing entertainment industry.

The aim of AMPSco is to have the ability to satisfy the needs of clients by providing professional equipment and professional people to create a professional end result.

AMPSco is unique in having the resources to supply all of your requirements, eliminating the need to obtain the services of more than one company, i.e. Sound Systems, Lighting Systems, and Staging Systems.

AMPSco has access to all aspects of professional backline equipment, i.e. Guitars, Amps, Cabs, Keyboards, Drums and Percussion. We can also supply professional Sound Engineers, Lighting Engineers, Riggers, as well as Stage, Guitar, Drum and Keyboard technicians.



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